Spaces is all about creating spaces!

The concept of Spaces was created by the founders of FMS Mobili and another entrepreneur well versed in the local retail market.

FMS Mobili has been in the furniture industry for the past 33 years and is associated with various manufacturing contracts both locally and abroad.

Today, Spaces is renowned for high quality and durable, furniture designed by our Italian partners. Please click here to learn more about our partners.

Spaces is a conceptual space in Valley Road, Birkirkara, where one can see various spaces at home.

The concept of Spaces stems from one’s journey in creating his or her own home space.

From the meals created in your own kitchen, to a good night sleep in your bedroom and enjoying relaxing times with your loved ones in your living space!

The Spaces showroom is designed on 2 floors, where one can find a large selection of Kitchens, Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Office Space, as well as a Show Apartment portraying a typical home space!